Who We Are

The Fitchburg Church of the Nazarene is A CHURCH OF HOPE. We are a Christ-centered congregation who is committed to our Lord, Jesus Christ and His mission to announce, "the Kingdom of God is here!"  

Our Hope is in Christ Jesus. As those whose lives have been, and continue to be transformed into Christ-likeness, each of us has come to see that there is Hope in Jesus Christ. Old ways of living; old destructive habits which sought to destroy us; and old ways of thinking have been replaced with new ways of living - new life-giving habits - and new ways of thinking.

Because each of us desperately needed those changes in our lives, we are patient with those who are learning how Christ wants to impact their lives.

As Nazarenes, we belong to a world-wide fellowship of evangelical believers who seek to MAKE CHRIST-LIKE DISCIPLES IN THE NATIONS. We support international missions, but act locally in our community to bring the hope, love, care, and fellowship of Christ to as many people as God places in our path.